Three Thirty Three Flier 2018

The Three Thirty Three is back for 2018!

Four events: June 3rd — July 8th — August 9th — September 30th

Cost: $150 per team for the entire season. Paint – $50 per case of GI 3-star or equivalent.

Teams are encouraged to pre-register. You can do so at our contacts page, by email, by phone, or through Facebook.

(We have changed the rules slightly to make it more player friendly and competitive)

Rules: 3 man race to 5. Max of 4 points. No overall clock. NXL rules and NXL firing mode. Teams will play twice an event and be done for the day.

Prizes: Belt for first, trophies for second and third. We will have a larger raffle pool for giveaways at the last event.

All events will take place starting at 10AM.

Hope to see you there!