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Third Alarm’s SLK

September 7, 2018
Third Alarm's SLK Poster
Third Alarm Paintball SLK tryouts for the 2019 season are coming up! We’re looking for players of all levels to form two teams; an advanced team and an intermediate farm team. SLK will be playing in local and national competetive tournaments. Paint will be $45 per case. Tryouts will begin at 2pm the 14th of October at Third Alarm Paintball. Hope to see everyone there!
Three Thirty Three Flier 2018

The Three Thirty Three is back for 2018!

Four events: June 3rd — July 8th — August 9th — September 30th

Cost: $150 per team for the entire season. Paint – $50 per case of GI 3-star or equivalent.

Teams are encouraged to pre-register. You can do so at our contacts page, by email, by phone, or through Facebook.

(We have changed the rules slightly to make it more player friendly and competitive)

Rules: 3 man race to 5. Max of 4 points. No overall clock. NXL rules and NXL firing mode. Teams will play twice an event and be done for the day.

Prizes: Belt for first, trophies for second and third. We will have a larger raffle pool for giveaways at the last event.

All events will take place starting at 10AM.

Hope to see you there!